Everything gets easier

Chromebooks makes the lives of students and teacher at Wheatley Park dramatically easier in many small but meaningful ways, from sharing files to recording video to saving all work to Google Classroom. Science teacher Mrs. Clifton Rabone explains that “all of those incremental gains make a huge huge difference to my experience as a teacher.”

Snow days

In December 2017, a major snowstorm gave Wheatley Park their first snow days in six years, but the school maintained some sense of normalcy. Teachers and students could access all of their work, share files, hold class, and collaborate whether snowed in or not.

Learning gets personal

With Chromebooks, teachers find it easier to test students knowledge and then meet their individual needs, often giving out unique and tailored assignments to different students in a single classroom.

Chromebooks in action

As you walk around Wheatley Park, you see Chromebooks in every classroom—often out on a desk next to a textbook—from recording experiments in biology to students analyzing their diets in physical education.