Why digital signage?

Organizations are using digital signage and interactive kiosks to engage their customers and empower their workforce. Not only does digital media save time and money, it also provides greater marketing control and business opportunities.

  • Adjust your promotions and content to resonate with customers in quickly changing markets
  • Welcome and provide information to your guests with self-service interactive kiosks
  • Monitor business operations and communicate with your workforce

Why Chrome for digital signage?

Designed from the ground up with security in mind. Chrome Apps control the experience, which means you don’t need to worry about locking down your devices or dealing with security software. Automatic updates will also ensure that your devices always have the latest security fixes without long maintenance windows or downtime.

Easy to Manage
With web-based Chrome Device Management, centrally deploy and manage apps on an unlimited amount of devices. You can also monitor the health of your digital signs and remotely support devices that need attention.

Swap in digital content when you need it – where you need it. Streamline and tailor communications on one or thousands of devices from halfway around the world with devices that boot in 5 seconds.

Enterprise Support
Access to a 24/7 Chrome Management support team and a constantly refined platform. Here are a few examples of features arriving in Q2 2015:

  • Remote reboot
  • Auto-upload of system logs
  • Take remote screenshots
  • Pre-configure applications as well to eliminate the ‘first-run’ end user configuration process

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