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The Power of G: Keeping the “Office” Connected

When you put everyone in a room together, amazing things happen. Decisions get made quickly. Brand new ideas are discovered — often accidentally. Google Workspace helps to create an environment where people can discover, think and reason together to achieve shared goals. Teams can truly work as teams, whether they’re in the same conference room or thousands of miles apart.

Google Workspace is designed to work seamlessly on any device, on any operating system. Desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, smartphone. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Edit on the go. Share from anywhere. Create a spreadsheet on your computer, move to your tablet, keep working from your phone. When the web is the platform, it just works.

Instantly chat with co-workers across the globe, start up a video chat at a moment’s notice and work with multiple people in the same document regardless of license type or device. Share a spreadsheet, present slides from your tablet and never get locked out of a document because someone else has edit control. See people type in real time, share a file in just two clicks and bring people into your documents for rich conversations with in-document commenting. Google Workspace streamlines document editing so that changes are made collaboratively in a single document, eliminating the confusion of sending multiple versions back and forth.

Google Workspace has a simple and transparent pricing model for everyone with no long-term commitments and no extra fees for basics like phone support or for critical security features like mobile device management.

Google Workspace strives to provide a level of security that very few can match. More than 500 fulltime engineers work around the clock to protect your information. Google’s data centers are geographically distributed, and are designed with resiliency and redundancy in mind to minimize the impact of common equipment failures and environmental risks. Advanced security features like encrypted communication, 2-factor authentication and physical security keys to access your account provide additional layers of security.

Google Workspace is under contractual commitments for data privacy and protection, and undergoes public third-party audits to verify Google’s commitment to data privacy and to help customers remain in compliance. Regular audits are conducted to verify Google Workspace’s compliance with the ISO 27001 security standard and SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports, as well as the ISO 27018 privacy standards. These confirm that Google does not use customer data for advertising, that the data you entrust with Google remains yours, that Google protects your information from third-party requests, and that Google is transparent about where your data is stored.

With Google Workspace, a simple browser refresh launches the latest solution for each user. Upgrades happen as often as they are made, which is every few days — not every few years — and they happen automatically, in the background, with no planned outage for maintenance and no added cost.

The best interfaces are designed with the most natural ways to work in mind. The familiar and modern interface of Google Workspace allows people to work better and faster by getting out of the way to enable amazing work from behind the scenes.

More than five million businesses have already gone Google to help their employees work better together, and millions of students — your future employees — already rely on Google Workspace in schools and universities around the world. This wide range of adoption means that employees, customers and partners may already be familiar with Google’s solutions.

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