Educators are continuously looking for new ways to teach and collaborate in virtual environments that are safe and secure.  Below are some ways Google Meet, a core service of G Suite for Education, works great for schools.

Extension of access to premium Google Meet 

Google is supporting ongoing institutional needs and extended access to premium Meet features with no cost for any users of G Suite for Education until September 30, 2020.  With this premium access you can have up to 250 participants per call,  up to 100,000 viewers when live streaming within your domain, and record meetings that save to your Google Drive.

Classroom with Google Meet

Over 100 million students and educators use Classroom.  Google made it easier and merged Meet with Classroom, making it easier for educators to have both tools in one place.  You can create a unique link for each class, making the link a dedicated meeting space for each class.


Google Meet is a secure-by-design infrastructure with built-in protection and a global network to protect your information. Safe guards were also put into place to help support students and educatiors as well.   Safe guards include IETF security standards for Datagram Transport Lay Security and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol.  Along with: Data encryption, max character length for Meeting ID, and many more.

Keeping Educators Safe

New updates to meet can let meeting creators:

  • Mute or remove participants and insures the instructor cannot be removed or muted
  • Approve request to join outside of the school’s domain.  Ensuring that students/participants cannot allow external participants
  • Be the last one to leave the meeting.  Participants cannot reenter the meeting once the instructor has left until the instructor restarts the meeting.

Chromebox for Meetings For Better Productivity

Instant video conferencing with anyone, anywhere. Your customers can instantly schedule meetings with internal and external participants on up to 50 devices. They can share and collaborate wirelessly from any device with nothing more than a link.

Simple deployment and management. It’s easy to set up devices in seconds, roll out updates automatically, and remotely manage devices.

Built for every room size. Includes all-in-one devices for personal spaces as well as Chrome for Meetings large bundle for conference rooms up to 20 people.

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