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What is Google for Education:

Learn how you can bring the best of Google to Education, help transform teaching and learning.


Selecting the Right Chromebook:

Share this guide with your customers to help them select the right Chromebook for the right use case including Chromebooks suited for video conferring or for heavier workloads.

Google for Education brings the best of Google to Education

We believe all students deserve a positive learning experience and that the right technology can help provide every student with access to quality education. That’s why the SYNNEX Google for Education team put together helpful resources to get started on your 2022 planning journey.

School yourself on education funding – and win deals

Selling into the education market can be as rewarding (and profitable) as it can be challenging. Many resellers often struggle to understand the different types of funding, and we are here to help. Here are two types of funding:

Relief Funding:

Current relief funding for education comes from several packages passed by Congress. Most of these funds are direct payments to states and school districts based on a formula. School districts do not have to apply for these funds like the standard grant process.Learn about the current Education Relief Funding Process here.


Grant Funding:

Unlike relief funding, standard grant funds must be applied for by the educational organization. The grant process can be extremely competitive and often requires submitting an application to the organization issuing the grant. Also, grants fund projects instead of products, and usually require matching dollars. For resources on the grant process, click here.