Building Skills for 21st Century Success

Selling into Education today is more competitive than it’s ever been. It is a necessity that you are not only selling the hardware (Chrome devices) and the software (Chrome Device Management licenses), but solving problems for your customers regarding how these devices can and should be used in the classroom. Chromebook messaging is evolving beyond simple, secure, and sharable moving to versatility and impact. The new form factors available on Chromebooks today (ex. convertible, stylus, world-facing camera, are perfect to sell digital, cloud-based content) are leading this transition.

Last year, Google commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to conduct global surveys of senior business executives asking them “Which of the following would you say are the most critical skills for employees in your organization today?”. 51% alleged that students entering the workforce are debilitating their organizations because they don’t have the proper communication, teamwork, creativity, and problem solving skills needed to survive. These skills don’t come naturally. They need to be developed and nurtured. Schools are receiving increasing pressure from parents, communities, and higher education institutions to address these skills in the K-12 experience. They can be taught, and schools need help figuring out how to integrate them into curriculum.

SYNNEX has developed a program addressing this growing problem. With Google and our partner base we have identified and packaged app that specifically target these skills and prepare students for a successful future. We have strategically placed them in four categories:

  1. Creative Solutions
  2. Listening Solutions
  3. Communication Solutions
  4. Research Solutions

Each section help educators get the most bang for their buck with their Chromebook purchase by leveraging the tools available in a 21st century classroom.

What’s new with Google for Education?

Join our education experts to learn how Google for Education and Chromebooks support remote learning and seamless collaboration. You’ll learn how Google empowers educators, when to upgrade devices, where to secure relief funding, and much more.

What? Google for Education and SYNNEX are piloting a content program that helps schools discover third-party tools that foster skills of the future.

Why? 51% of executives say there is a skills gap was hampering their organization’s performance, specifically with problem solving, teamwork, and communication. Educators know they need to nurture these skills, but they need help doing so.

How? To discover the best tools, Google did a research project with an education professional development agency. The result was a bundle with the following cloud-based content providers:

  • Explain Everything:  Interactive whiteboard which enables students to animate their thinking
  • Soundtrap:  Spoken word and music-making that fosters student literacy and communication.  Click here to take advantage of Sound Trap Academy sales training.
  • Wevideo:  Student video creation which empowers collaboration and multi-literacy communication

Pricing and SKUs? This bundle is priced at a 35%(+) discount over a la carte retail pricing.

If you are interested in learning more about how creative apps impact future skill, check out Googles latest blog on the topic.

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What? Google for Education and SYNNEX partnered to launch another bundle which focusing on listening skills and comprehension for all levels (special needs, ESL, gifted and talented), K-12.

Why? Listening, specifically active listening, is often a skill that is lost past 3rd grade. It is a key piece of the Common Core Curriculum and must be taught to our students. This is a crucial skill they will need to be successful in their careers.

How? Just as in the first Creative Apps bundle, Google did their research with the EIU to find the best cloud-based tools to be used on Chromebooks.  Review the list of providers below:

  • Fluencytutor:  Active listening and self-reflection of recordings promote multi-literacy skills
  • Listenwise:  Podcasts and public radio connect students with real world topics and elevate listening skills

Pricing and SKUs? This bundle is priced at a 35%(+) discount over a la carte retail pricing.

If you are interested in learning more about how active listening apps impact future skill, check out Googles latest blog on the topic.

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What? Modern research platform for school and work with dashboards for students, educators, and administrators.

Why? To help school districts provide more media literacy opportunities designed to help students evaluate and think critically about the information they see online.

How? eSpark’s tool, Frontier, teaches critical thinking about media through reading and writing lessons for students in grades 3-8. Frontier offers a library of online lessons centered on thought-provoking topics that engage all types of readers, from the reluctant reader to the eager reader. As a complement, Scrible is a modern research platform for school and work with dashboards for students, admins, and even adminstrators. It’s the “missing productivity app” for modern digital work that enables students to curate, annotate, and collaborate on authentic online sources, such as news articles and blog posts.

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What? Google for Education, littleBits, Dremel 3D and SYNNEX announced a STEM kit for educators to use for coding classes and STEM labs.

Why? Educators need the tools to teach basic coding in an engaging way. Finally! An intro to coding in the classroom that engages students through an activity they love: making and playing games. As a bonus, it’s easy to teach – even with no prior STEM/STEAM experience. The littleBits Code Kit combines electronic building blocks with approachable drag-and-drop Blockly programming, providing a foundation of coding as a creative tool that can power real-world inventions. The Dremel 3D printer engages students with the newest in 3D printing technology utilizing Dremel’s cloud based slicing software along with classroom curriculum for engaging projects printed in 3D.

How? Google found the best STEM products in the market and bundled these together to create the perfect STEM based package for getting started in coding and 3D printing.

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What? Your creation and presentation tool for ALL ages which helps schools with the 4 C’s (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) and give students the ability to communicate ‘what’s in their heads.

Why? Allows the perfect platform for students to project their voice in their own ways and practice the 21st century skills needed to be successful.

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