TD SYNNEX and Cisco Literature

Equipping our customers and partners with the right gear is important to TD SYNNEX. Please download the PDFs below to ensure you have all the resources you need.

Cisco Resource Guide

The Cisco Resource Guide is an interactive document with the purpose of making it easier to get you in contact with who best suits your business needs. Inside, you will find a brief overview of each department — including Engineering, Product Business Management, Services, Customer Experience, etc. — and a description of what each can and cannot do. Don’t worry – we will point you in the right direction and tell you how best to reach us.

Cisco VMM Assignments

Who do you contact when you need to submit a marketing request? You may reference this sheet to figure out which VMM is responsible for each Cisco architecture or program. For more information on processes or standard lead times, please ask your assigned VMM for the Marketing Process Guide.

Quick Start Registration Flyer

The Quick Start flyer makes selling Cisco simple. No certifications, no specializations. Register today and start selling Cisco tomorrow. Simple. Quick. Follow the easy step-by-step process for  easy registration.

Quick Start Select Certified Flyer

Explore the benefits of being a Registered Partner versus a Select Partner. Certify your skill set to show customers that you can help them become digital leaders. A Select or Premier Certification rewards you for becoming an expert in a specific technology or business area.

Cisco Service Partner Tip Sheet

In this Partner Tip Sheet for Cisco Services, Software, and Lifecycle, you will have access to information for services and contracts, software and licenses, lifecycle and incentives, CSPP metrics, and tools and trainings.
**In order to download, please log in with your CCO ID**

Cisco Cloud Required Info Form

The Cisco Cloud Required Info Form is where you will need to fill out supporting documents and confirmation, deal information, and contact information.

Estimate to Quick Quote

Follow the instructions in this document to get a quick quote.

Cisco Cloud 101

Do you have a Cisco Cloud/Annuities order that needs to be placed? Perfect! Follow this step-by-step guide for a smooth and seamless process.

SMB Commercial Sales Accelerator

Cisco will do three things to win with partners in the small business space: Develop market specific technology and offers at the right prices; invest in awareness and demand generation for partners; and enable partners with relevant programs, promotions and incentives.

Services and Software




Enterprise Networking


Data Center

Customer Experience

Product Business Management Organizational Chart


Secure Hybrid Work at a Glance

Umbrella MSSPS/BDM

Secure Access Service Edge

Cisco Partner: How to Register

Cisco Umbrella at a Glance

Cisco Global Cloud Architecture

Cisco Umbrella Professional

Cisco Umbrella Insights

Cisco Umbrella DNS Security Essentials

Cisco Umbrella DNS Security Advantage

Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway Essentials

Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway Advantage

Cisco Umbrella Package Comparison

Cisco Umbrella for Service Providers

Cisco Umbrella for Managed Security Service Providers

Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway