Leverage the lessons of a transformed collaboration market to grow your business.

For collaboration technology users and solution providers, 2020 brought so many lessons that a year-end summary could last weeks. In every corner of the country, millions of people pivoted to remote working, teaching, and learning, and many will likely continue even after the pandemic has passed.

You may be wondering: Are education, healthcare, and the workplace now “changed forever?” While the crises fast-tracked tech innovations and evolutions already in progress, many AV and IT end users were already well on the way to becoming power users of remote team technology. SYNNEX was, and still is, at the vanguard of supplying those power users with the latest collaboration innovations. But there are some changes.

As we look toward 2021, here are some of the top trends and technology needs SYNNEX’ market experts are tracking and the top solutions they’ll be offering.

Raising the bar for better collaboration
New-generation collaboration bars should be on you and your customers’ wish list. Designed for the changed collaboration landscape, these bars are all-in-one USB-easy solutions, complete with webcams, speakerphones, and often sophisticated audio software.

As the number of smaller meeting spaces, including home offices, continues to grow, customers need videoconferencing solutions designed for these spaces. SYNNEX vendor partners such as Poly, Logitech, Lenovo, Crestron, and Konftel now have all-in-one collaboration bars that are smart enough, small enough, and affordable enough to deploy quickly and in any meeting space scenario. They’re also portable and mobile enough for users to move and redeploy as needed.

More personal devices for collaboration for the anywhere worker
In a cross between commercial and consumer functionality, new-generation webcams, headsets, speakerphones, and other peripherals will be in huge demand in 2021. They’re devices are more personal because knowledge workers can take them anywhere, including the home office, the corporate office, and on the road. Headsets with noise-cancelling technology from vendors like Bose, Poly, and Sennheiser can help your customers eliminate distracting background noise while participating in videoconferences.

More financial resources for a transformed market
SYNNEX has long been at the forefront in offering a variety of financing options for COLLABSolv products and bundles. That commitment will be even stronger going forward. With a distributed workforce, getting products into employees’ hands will be a big challenge. To help make it easier, SYNNEX offers a device as a service (DaaS) finance option. With DaaS, your customers can get the devices and software they need for one affordable monthly payment, plus the freedom to scale up or down as needed. It also enables them to evolve from a capital expense procurement model to an operating expense model, freeing up cash and ensuring more predictable monthly costs.

From financial support to sales and technical enablement, SYNNEX COLLABSolv is committed to partners’ success. To learn more, click here or email collabsolv@synnex.com.