Hyve Solutions Announces Certification for Intel Transparent Supply Chain Program

Hyve Solutions Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation and a leading provider of hyperscale digital infrastructures, today announced its certification for the Intel® Transparent Supply Chain program (Intel® TSC). The Intel TSC program enables Hyve Solutions and its customers to fully audit and validate the Authorized Supply Chain, a critical capability that addresses the growing concern around counterfeit electronic parts.

“Platform integrity across the compute lifecycle continues to be a top priority for our team,” said Steve Ichinaga, President, Hyve Solutions and Hyve Design Solutions. “Becoming certified for the Intel Transparent Supply Chain is a significant milestone to help assure our customers that select Intel solutions are supported by a level of traceability and accountability that is unprecedented in the industry.”

By becoming TSC certified, Hyve Solutions customers can gain assurance around traceability and accountability for select Intel commercial client and server systems through component-level reporting collected through TSC tools. This enables full visibility of hardware, firmware, and systems and results in a more secure supply chain in an era of increasing risk and uncertainty. After the full compute lifecycle is evaluated, Intel generates and signs an industry standardized platform certificate for each individual server. This enables customers to validate the exact location and date of each server component.

According to Tom Garrison, Intel’s Vice President of Client Security Strategy and Initiatives, “Our commitment is to provide the industry with a full range of tools and solutions that raise security assurance throughout the entire lifecycle of Intel-based platforms. There is a growing need to improve platform integrity at every stage of the compute lifecycle. Like Intel, Hyve Solutions is committed to supply chain integrity and has joined us on this journey. Intel’s Transparent Supply Chain tools deliver Hyve customers increased levels of transparency and traceability on Intel-based platforms.”

Intel TSC is an initial offering within the Compute Lifecycle Assurance initiative, an Intel-driven program to deliver and enable integrity throughout the compute lifecycle. To learn more about this offering through Hyve Solutions, email sales@hyvesolutions.com or call (855) 869-6973.

About Hyve Solutions
Hyve Solutions is a leader in the design to worldwide deployment of hyperscale digital infrastructures. In partnership with customers, Hyve leverages deep-seated industry experience and strong vendor partnerships to design and deliver purpose-built server, storage, and networking solutions to meet datacenter demands for today and beyond. Hyve Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX). For more information about Hyve Solutions, visit hyvesolutions.com, email sales@hyvesolutions.com or call (855) 869-6973.

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