What’s Driving Physical Security?

The physical security market is on the rise, and opportunities abound. According to one recent report, the global security market will reach $292 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 9.4%. Here are five things driving the growing security market and how you can get in on the action.

Increasing adoption of IP-based cameras: Internet protocol cameras, or IP cameras, are rapidly replacing analog cameras thanks to advantages like ease of installation, scalability, and intelligence and analytics capabilities.

Availability of better equipment: Similarly, many organizations are replacing their old security cameras with ultra-high-definition models that offer 4K resolution, motion detection, night-vision modes, and more.

IoT technology: Intelligent monitoring, tampering alerts, perimeter protection, automobile tracking, and more are now available thanks to connected sensors and smart devices.

Analytics and machine learning: Advances in video analytics and machine learning are augmenting security solutions by gathering information from multiple devices and turning it into real-time actionable data.

Terrorism: Decision makers are often swayed by terror attacks in the news and the possibility of a similar attack at their facilities. Whether it’s a bombing or mass shooting, terrorism is an unfortunate market driver.

Clearly, there’s money to be made in the physical security market. But how can VARs who aren’t familiar with physical security solutions get up to speed and make the most of opportunities?

“Education is critical for IT resellers looking to take advantage of the opportunities in selling physical security solutions,” SYNNEX Vice President Kirk Nesbitt said in an interview with industry magazine Security Sales & Integration.

“IT resellers should leverage their relationships with end users who have an increased role in decision making, given that physical security components now overlap with the IP network,” Nesbitt continued. “Additionally, a distributor like SYNNEX can fill in the gaps where the expertise and capability of the IT reseller falls short.”

Partner with VISUALSolv for Physical Security Solutions

Demand for increasingly connected, intelligent experiences is driving the need for more cohesive physical security solutions. SYNNEX VISUALSolv unites the industry’s top surveillance, access control, cloud, and secure network infrastructure to build the cross-functional solutions the market needs. Leverage our broadline capabilities, technical expertise, and personal service to enhance your business.

For more information about VISUALSolv’s physical security solutions, email securitysales@synnex.com.