Fight Crime with SYNNEX Security Solutions

Though shoplifting may seem like a relatively minor offense, the people who do it rarely stop there. One former officer on the GOVSolv team noted that 73% of offenders his department arrested for shoplifting had also committed more serious crimes. These crimes included burglary, armed robbery, and auto break ins, among others. Many shoplifters are more than petty criminals, and by turning offenders and security footage over to police, your retail customers can help reduce crime and make their communities safer.

Partner with SYNNEX for Security Solutions

With everything from security cameras and monitors to analytics and cloud-based storage, we have the solutions your customers need to watch over their property and assets.

Not sure where to start? We can help you uncover security gaps and identify potential solutions. Here are a few questions to ask your customers to quickly assess their physical security needs.

  • When did you last update your security system and software?
  • Is your surveillance footage clear enough to identify shoplifters?
  • Is your stored surveillance footage secure and easily accessible?
  • Do you have audio to go along with your video?
  • Is your store surveillance secure and easily accessible to employees and/or police?

Why SYNNEX for Security?

With a team that includes former police officers, we have the experience and expertise to assess your customers’ security needs and develop a strong solution. We can also provide ongoing technical support and help with device selection, migration strategies, financial alternatives, and more.

Ready to get started? Email today to learn more about our physical security solutions.