Attach and Earn with Strategic Procurement

“The premise behind Strategic Procurement is to give our smaller vendor community a place to coexist with the bigger guys and be part of the overall solution. We currently offer everything from drones and security software to cables, carts, and mounts. With hundreds of hardware and software vendors, our portfolio goes with everything our customers are selling.

For resellers, it’s all about the attach. Bundling and attaching to orders helps you become more of a solution provider for your customers and puts more money in your pocket. If you don’t have something your customer needs, you can bet your competitor does. Make sure you know what the vendors are doing and how you can leverage their offerings. We can help you with that!

Strategic Procurement onboards six new vendors a month, on average, and we’re always adding more. If there’s a manufacturer you’d like to see on our line card, email

You can make more money selling our smaller vendors than you can with some of the large hardware guys. Why leave money on the table when you attach and earn more?” – Scott Young, VP Product Management, Strategic Procurement

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