SYNNEX Executives on 2018 Strategies and Bets

At the SYNNEX Inspire Conference last fall, Peter Larocque, President, North America Technology Solutions, asked a panel of SYNNEX executives about their plans for 2018 and ways resellers can engage with their teams. Here’s what the executives had to say.

Q: What’s your strategy, and how do people engage with your team?

Kirk Nesbitt, Vice President, Design & Support Services

A: Well, we’ve got many strategies, but number one going forward is our data center transformation initiative for 2018. There’s a demand in the end-user community to cloud-enable, hybrid-enable their environment. And there’s a talent shortage in getting that done. So, we’re working to enable you, the resellers, to boost sales and technically pursue that market. To engage with us, send an email to

Tim Acker, Vice President, Mobility & Connected Solutions

A: As we continue into 2018, our strategy is to bring more partners into our MOBILITYSolv program. We’ve had success in the commissions we pay out for carrier services. Sometimes we have SMB-size deals, sometimes major enterprise deals. We’re seeing opportunities up and down the stack, and they’re across technologies and growing tremendously. It’s a big opportunity with a low barrier to entry, and we encourage you to reach out to your sales folks to get started.

Reyna Thompson, Vice President, Integrated Communications

A: From a technology standpoint, security remains a key focus for us. In 2018, you’ll see us launch an advanced technology solutions community to engage resellers and expose you to new and emerging technologies. To learn more or to join the community, email We’re also investing in training and certifications for our business development team to make them more consultative, and we’re exposing them to additional technologies. We want them to be more of a trusted advisor for you, so you’ll have a person you can consult and engage with.

Q: What bets do you have in 2018?

Andrew Warren, Executive Vice President, North America, Westcon-Comstor Americas

A: I think security is the one piece we really need to focus on across the board. We’re seeing things like the Equifax breach every single day. It’s very important and thought about throughout the stack. And we can help you position all those things around security. So, if I were going to make one bet, it would be around security right now.

Eddie Franklin, Vice President, Sales, Public Sector and Vertical Markets

A: The big bets for us are using some of the services we’ve developed. We’ve broken the seal on the SYNNEX Device-as-a-Subscription program and think driving that in 2018 is going to be a big bet. States are not having a great financial experience right now, and we’re going to help them figure out ways to finance technology, drive down IT costs, and be more efficient. Regulated industry is also another big bet. They can’t meet regulatory requirements without IT, and it’s up to us to help resellers unlock the potential here.