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Today, all companies are technology companies. That’s because all companies are being impacted by our ever-evolving environment, economy, and new innovations. As America’s Un-Carrier, T-Mobile is about removing limitations, solving pain points, and providing customers with incredible service.

How we treat our partners is no different. We offer our partners a collaborative and rewarding program complete with the tools and support necessary to grow your business.


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Three Ways to partner with T:Mobile:


T-Mobile + SYNNEX Mobility Flyer

TFB Partner Program

Selling through the T-Mobile Partner Program has never been easier!

Expand your business and build deeper customer relationships with a program designed to reward partners, while providing the tools and support necessary for success.

  • Secure full-service partner portal
  •  Onboarding and implementation support
  • Marketing tools and collateral
  • Sales team collaboration with dedicated channel experts
  • Upfront payment and residual opportunities
  • Demand lead generation
  • Virtual training for products and services
  • Business planning and performance analytics
  • True deal registration

At T-Mobile, we go further for our partners because we are partner experience obsessed. We offer three sales models: Sell Alone, Sell on Behalf of & Sell-With T-Mobile. Our partners never have to worry about channel conflict, because we reward both partners and T-Mobile teams no matter who leads the sale. You choose which model works best for your business success or chose a version of all three.

Sell Alone program

The Sell Alone program offers partners the ability to sell or bundle T-Mobile services alongside solutions they already sell.

Program Overview &  Benefits:

  • The partner brings to T-Mobile a new opportunity
  • Account is not already owned/named by T-Mobile’s direct team
  • Account is assigned to T-Mobile’s channel representative & partner continues to sell
  • The partner leads the sale and activates service
  • T-Mobile product training & support

Sell on Behalf of program:

The Sell on Behalf of program is for partner opportunities whereby T-Mobile has an existing relationship with the account.

Program Overview &  Benefits:

  • Account is a T-Mobile named/owned account in Salesforce, but partner provides a new opportunity
  • Partner manages the opportunity / leads the sale with limited Direct team engagement
  • Direct team owns the customer agreement and any special considerations
  • T-Mobile product training & support

Sell-With program:

The Sell-With program is a collaborative selling program between partners and T-Mobile. Working together, partners and T-Mobile Account Executives provide customers with a customized solution.

Program Overview &  Benefits:

  • Bi-directional lead exchange
  • Collaboration on customer opportunities
  • Alignment to T-Mobile’s national sales organization
  • Access to T-Mobile promotions
  • T-Mobile product training & support


We are America’s first and only nationwide 5G network

Our nationwide 5G network covers more people and places than anyone else. And now that Sprint is part of T-Mobile, our network is bigger and better than ever.

5G Flyer – First nationwide 5G network

5 Facts about 5G

Join Bill Nye as he shares 5 facts about 5G including what it is, how it works, and what it could mean for the future!

Watch Bill Nye

A better connection

No 5G signal goes farther. While others cover only city blocks, our 5G covers thousands of miles, and is more reliable indoors and out.

5G Brochure – How mobile works

Coverage in more places

Our 5G covers more people and places than anywhere else- nearly 6,000 cities and towns and more than 1 million square miles.

5G Factsheet – Next generation of wireless


Take advantage of the first nationwide narrowband network

IoT technology is unlocking game-changing results in business, industry, and almost every type of enterprise. Designed to provide reliable and secure connectivity for IoT devices, our Narrowband-IoT network offers nationwide coverage.


Asset Tracking
Improve efficiency, optimize logistics, and gain deeper insights into your operations with IoT asset tracking solutions.IoT Whitepaper – Gamechanger
Smart Cities & Smart Buildings
Improve livability, safety, and efficiency with innovative and cost-effective IoT solutions for first responders, municipalities, buildings and campuses.IoT Whitepaper – Narrowband
IoT-based smart farming can help monitor crop fields with the help of sensors (light, humidity, temperature, moisture, soil health, etc.) and automate irrigation.Article – Sustainable Future
Fleet Management
Get the data needed to optimize routes, reduce fuel costs, track driving habits and know where the fleet is in real time.IoT Factsheet – 5G and IoT
From remote monitoring of patients and equipment, to regulatory compliance (EVV, HIPAA) of government mandates, IoT can improve the effectiveness of healthcare solutions.Infographic – IoT Security
Renewable Energy & Consumption
IoT sensors can enable real-time monitoring of power grids while providing decision-makers with better transparency in the way the energy is being consumed.Article – How Mobility Can Help

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