PRTG Network Monitor helps systems administrators to gain visibility and control of their increasingly complex IT systems, alerting them to problems before users even notice.

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With the ever-increasing complexity of the IT landscape, the industry has never been more challenging for resellers and customers. Working with Paessler ensures your clients get the most out of their IT investments and you, as their partner, have the largest share of their IT budget.

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The software can give you access to your customer’s entire network blueprint revealing new revenue streams & cross sell opportunities


We have a highly experienced and engaged team to support your business needs. From a dedicated channel rep to sales engineers who help with pre-sales technical demos, Paessler has you covered.


Depending on your partner level, you can earn strong margins for joining our Partner Program and deal registration requires no minimum!

4) PRTG Plus / PRTG Services

A powerful and easy-to-use solution that is suitable for medium to large MSP’s.

Benefits include:

  • Get certified as a PRTG Enterprise Monitor Partner or use Synnex to provide PRTG Services.
  • Increased scale and architectural flexibility for MSPs, allowing you to deploy 50,000 or more sensors across an unlimited number of PRTG core servers.
  • Flexible annual pricing, OpEx-based cost model that scales with you: no need to switch licenses or remember to renew your maintenance.
  • No additional costs! No fees for start-up or add-on modules.

PRTG opportunities typically close within 30 days and purchase decisions can be made at the IT professional level.


PRTG Network Monitor can make your customers look like a hero. By effectively monitoring their network they will be able to identify network issues before they occur. As well as enable them to proactively make decisions and optimize their network. Happy customers are more profitable custome




PRTG Network Monitor helps systems administrators to gain visibility and control of their increasingly complex IT systems.


Monitor all the systems, devices, traffic, and applications in the IT infrastructure


Everything is included with PRTG; there is no need for additional plugins or downloads.


PRTG is a powerful and easy-to-use solution, which is suitable for businesses of all sizes.



PRTG Enterprise Monitor




Monitoring Large IT environments

IT teams in large IT environments with thousands of devices and systems across multiple locations, need an easy way to ain visibility and control of their increasingly complex infrastructures.

PRTG keeps monitoring simple and gives you insight into your IT systems in a matter of minutes.

Not ready for a demo? PRTG is available to test in your network today – fully functional. After the test 100 sensors (approx. 10 devices) remain free forever.

PRTG Network Monitor:

  • Is installed in 2 minutes, automatically discovers your network.
  • Monitors your network 24/7
  • Alerts you before emergencies occur

We don’t want to brag about it, so we’ll let you find out on your own. See here where we stand among our competitors.

The licensing options are based on the number of sensors (not on the number of devices or IPs). We define one sensor as one aspect that you monitor on a device. Therefore, one sensor monitors for example:

  • a specific URL
  • the traffic of a network connection
  • a port of a switch
  • the CPU load on a machine

Please have a look at the list of supported sensor types. Every entry in this list counts as one sensor. Each sensor has individual channels. In channels a sensor shows the measured or calculated data. For example, an SNMP Traffic Sensor shows traffic in, traffic out, and traffic total in three individual sensor channels. To get a better understanding, please have a look at the object hierarchy here.

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