Opengear ensures network resilience at the edge and the core by maximizing availability with smart solutions. Providing always on, secure management to critical network infrastructure, enterprises in every vertical are able to protect business continuity at the hardware layer.

Our resilience platform establishes a network management plane that extends the reach of the management system at a central location to access edge infrastructure independent of state of the production network. Lighthouse Enterprise is the central point of access and management for the resilience platform, providing network visibility even during disruptions.

Increase margins and enable customers to increase network resilience by attaching Opengear solutions.

Featured solutions include: 

  • Smart Out-of-Band: Allow network engineers to manage infrastructure at hundreds of sites, detecting and remediating issues automatically.
  • Failover To Cellular™: Ensure uninterrupted availability for remote networks with 4G LTE, or remotely remediate network issues without interrupting business operations.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning: Automate repetitive tasks, reduce human touch points and decrease errors by simplifying the deployment process.
  • SD-WAN Support: Support SD-WAN deployments with Smart Out-of-Band to enable engineers to access the network, even during a disruption.

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  • Failover to Cellular
    • This will allow customers to maintain connectivity and decrease disruption. Failover to Cellular easily integrates with existing IT systems and network infrastructure.
  • Smart Out-of-Band
    • Operating independently from the in-band network, Smart OOB detects and remediates issues automatically. You will be able to reduce costs and minimize downtime.
  • Zero Touch Provisioning
    • Simplifying the deployment process, ZTP automates repetitive tasks, reducing human touch points and decreasing errors.
  • Centralized Management
    • Providing a clear view across your network, Lighthouse allows for visibility even during a network outage. Purpose built, this central network hub ensures resilient access.
  • SD-WAN
    • The rise of SD-WAN provides lower cost, secure network connections across corporate and regional locations, based on the simplified architecture of SDN. But without an Out-of-Band backup, SD-WAN has an Achilles heel.

Out-of-band management is at the heart of network resilience, and Opengear continues to focus on Smart OOB solutions that keep critical infrastructure running by developing faster access and monitoring, with more efficient management and control, and wider decision-making options.

Deploying SD-WAN has universal benefits which include reducing costs and ensuring secure connections however, it can create points of failure.

By leveraging Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), administrators can now automate repetitive tasks, reduce human touch points, reduce errors and scale the deployment process to any size. Customizable scripting and file types allow ZTP to be flexible in any type of environment.

Opengear’s Smart Out-of-Band Management solutions enable network admins to ensure uptime and availability at all their retail locations.

Lighthouse centralizes out-of-band management for IT infrastructure and provides an unparalleled level of resilient access and visibility even during critical failures.

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