Google Workspace

The Power of G: Keeping the “Office” Connected

G Suite is an intelligent, cloud-based productivity suite of secure business tools that enables teams to collaborate, iterate, and innovate together, from anywhere, in real time.


Make It Fast
Teams can work on documents together to build off each other’s contributions to complete work faster thanks to G Suite’s real-time collaboration and seamless app integration.
Does your customer need to assign an action item to a co-worker on a presentation? An email will notify them of the task at hand, with a direct link to the comment. Are they looking to collect customer feedback through Google Forms? The data collected will automatically flow into a Google Sheets, making it easier to analyze the responses.


Make It Smart
Gone are the days of sending “Final-Final Version 6.2” back and forth with colleagues, because all edits are automatically saved to the cloud. Now there is one version of a file for teams to work with.
Your customers can harness the power of Google’s search engine with G Suites Cloud Search. Users can find exactly what they need across an entire organization because this application is contextually aware, so it proactively surfaces content most relevant in a moment’s notice.


Make It Together
Hangouts Meet allows your customers to make the world their office! They can have face-to-face meetings with teammates around the globe or finish work they started on their laptop, on the go from their phone.
Transformation starts with real change, one that invests in people. Did you know that 74% of all time spent in Docs, Sheets, and Slides is on collaborative work? G Suite enables your customers to experience true teamwork.

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