Pay as You Go with WatchGuard’s New Subscription Option

April 7, 2020

Need a pay-as-you-go option for network security hardware and services? It’s yours with WatchGuard’s new subscription offering. Offered as an expansion of WatchGuard’s existing FlexPay program, the subscription option is available for both three-year and pay-as-you-go terms. Now, it’s easier than ever to buy and invoice security products the same way you package and sell services to end-users. WatchGuard is the first in the industry to offer partners a monthly, no-commitment option for network security hardware and services.
FlexPay is the partner-centric flexible payment program that enables partners to purchase WatchGuard products according to their business needs. FlexPay encompasses all WatchGuard payment options, including the existing pre-paid annual licenses and pay-as-you-go MSSP Points, and now subscriptions.
Monthly subscriptions are available in the Stellr Marketplace for physical Firebox products, offering hardware and services billed in easy monthly installments. Subscriptions offer a true pay-as-you-go option that includes hardware but does not require a term commitment!

Monthly subscriptions for Firebox appliances include:
  • No upfront hardware cost
  • No minimum-term commitment
  • Proven product quality
  • Automatic renewal
  • The ability to onboard and manage with ease

The growing trend of opting for a monthly recurring revenue model offers you the opportunity to forecast predictable and consistent sales, grow long-term profit, build stickiness with customers, and drive business model innovation. Don’t miss out!
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