Made by Google Makes Staying Connected Easy

April 13, 2020

Few other pieces of technology have changed the world like smartphones and mobile devices. These tools keep users connected wherever they go, enabling them to access and share vast amounts of information with just a simple swipe or tap. And as the world works through the COVID-19 crisis, the ability to stay connected is more important than ever. Millions of people around the globe are relying on smart devices to work, learn, and keep in touch with family and friends.

Google has designed their Made by Google devices to help your customers get what they need from their technology without any hassles or intrusions. The best solution is when these devices work with AI and software to assist users without them even knowing it. This is known as ambient computing, and it’s essential to creating seamless technology experiences.

Privacy another key tenant of Made by Google devices, giving your customers the tools to work and play without compromising sensitive data. Google is also working hard to improve the planet by creating sustainable products made from recycled materials and deploying carbon-neutral shipping to offset emissions.

Google and SYNNEX. It Just Works.
As the exclusive distributor of Made by Google devices, SYNNEX is leading the charge in the solutions Google takes to market. From pre-sales assessments to post-sale support, our dedicated team can support all of your Google needs and help you provide the full solution.

For more information, email, visit our website or view our playbook to learn more about Made by Google devices.

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