8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Tablet Case

January 6, 2020

From ruggedized cases that protect against bumps and falls to fully submergible waterproof options, there are many tablet cases to choose from. But how do you know which case best fits your customer’s needs? Here are eight things to consider and how The Joy Factory can help.

1: Ruggedness
No matter how careful tablet owners are, accidents happen, and often at the most inconvenient times. A rugged case can save your customers the cost and hassle of repairing or replacing their device. Most of The Joy Factory’s cases are certified military-grade, meaning they can withstand repeated drops from four feet and still keep the device inside safe. While many other case manufacturers test and advertise their cases as rugged, few achieve military-grade certification.

2: Weatherproofing
Many popular tablets are not water-resistant or waterproof out of the box. If your customer needs to protect their device from light rain or splashes, a water-resistant solution like The Joy Factory’s aXtion Bold MP will do the trick. If your customer needs to protect their device from accidental submersions or heavy rain/snow, a waterproof solution like aXtion Pro M is a better option.

3: Mounting
Tablet mounts can help users stay comfortable and productive. How? Mounting a tablet and displaying it at head height great reduces a user’s neck strain and improves posture while conveniently keeping it close at hand. The Joy Factory makes a wide variety of products that make mounting easy.

4. Case accessories
To make your customer’s tablet tasks a little easier, The Joy Factory offers add-ons like the universal shoulder strap. With it, your customer can carry their tablet around hands-free while keeping it secure at their side. For customers who need to hold their tablets for a long time, there’s the universal hand strap. This strap is adjustable for different hand sizes and rotates 360 degrees for easy and simple use. Before ordering, be sure the case you’ve chosen supports these accessories.

5. Screen protectors
While touchscreens continue to improve, they’re still one of the most fragile parts of a tablet. Most screens are made of Corning Gorilla Glass, which prevent dings and scratches, but not cracks or a shattered screen should the tablet fall. To adequately protect their device, your customer needs a rugged case with a built-in screen protector. Framed in plastic, built-in screen protectors absorb impacts, while the rugged case keeps everything securely in place.

6. Security
Security is a top concern when it comes to deploying tablets in the public space. How can your public sector customer make their tablets easily accessible yet prevent thieves from stealing one? The Joy Factory has several security solutions, like LockDown or aXtion Bold MPS, that tether devices to a secure anchor point with a six-foot cable lock.

7. Port Accessibility
Some cases block certain ports, or the port openings are too small for aftermarket cables. The result? Inaccessible ports that make the case useless. Every case from The Joy Factory features full accessibility to ports and buttons, and most of the cases also protect your customer’s volume and power buttons with molded-in covers.

8. Materials
While it may not sound important, materials can affect everything from case performance to user health. Made of two main materials, silicone and polycarbonate, The Joy Factory cases contain no toxic chemicals and include an interior honeycomb design which further protects your customer’s device from drop impacts.

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