6 Things to Consider for Productive Video Calls

March 30, 2020

The ability to work from home is more critical than ever, and video calls are an integral part of staying connected. Here are six tips for productive video calls and how Google can help your customers work from anywhere.



Video calls can quickly go awry if there are too many distractions. That’s why participants should carefully consider their surroundings. Is it too dark? Too bright? Is there too much background noise? Is the device on a level surface so the camera doesn’t wobble? Some of these things can’t be helped, but your customers can eliminate a lot of distractions with a little upfront planning.



Despite the best-laid plans, sometimes people have to work in less-than-ideal conditions. If your customers are in a noisy place and can’t hear what’s going on, they can turn on captions. Like closed captions on TV, Hangout Meet’s live caption feature displays captions in real time. Learn more here.



Most collaboration tools allow users to share their screens, but sometimes users accidently share more than they intended. With Meet, your customers can share a specific window, rather than the entire screen, so they’re less likely to present embarrassing or confidential information. Check it out.


Screen layout

Unlike some collaboration tools, Meet automatically switches the layout in a video meeting to display the most active content and participants. Your customers can also switch to a different layout as needed. Learn how.


Mic Etiquette

When it comes to video calls, few things are more distracting than background noise, whether it’s kids, animals, or ringing phones. This is even more true when there’s background noise coming from multiple people’s homes or office space. The answer? Muting the mic when not speaking.



Many people think video calls must be scheduled in advance, but Hangouts Meet makes it easy to instantly set up meetings and invite people to join. Invitees can be within the same company or outside it. What’s more, Meet automatically creates international dial-in codes, enabling participants to dial in from anywhere. Finally, your customers can also send invites by a Calendar event, email, or phone. Learn more.


G Suite: Collaboration and Productivity Apps Built for Business

Hangouts Meet is just one of G Suite’s many innovative features. G Suite reimagines how work gets done by empowering teams to be faster, smarter, and more collaborative than ever before! With secure, intuitive apps built for the cloud, G Suite has everything your customers need to change how they work.

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