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Stellr is a one-of-its-kind digital transformation ecosystem, providing end-to-end solutions involving everything from hardware to connectivity.

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Our Stellr team will provide you with the value-adding products and services needed to create an optimized end-user experience. Partnering with Stellr means gaining the support of a trusted advisor, a solutions aggregator, and a growth accelerator committed to the success of your business.

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SYNNEX Stellr Marketplace

Effortlessly quote, order, provision & bill all of your cloud & security products via the online SYNNEX Stellr Marketplace

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Join The Connect Community for Cloud, Mobility, and IoT Partners

Available exclusively through SYNNEX, The Connect Community is designed to help you build relationships with other SYNNEX partners and stay-up-to-date on all things Cloud, Mobility, and IoT. It also gives you access to a multitude of trainings, resources, and benefits

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SYNNEX Stellr enables MSPS to be the expert partners their customers need!

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SYNNEX Stellr’s Verizon Co-Sell Program

Activate on the nation’s most reliable network and get PAID to do it! Earn a referral bonus for every device activated through SYNNEX Stellr.

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Why Business Resiliency is Important for your Business Webinar

Join SYNNEX Stellr in our upcoming webinar on March 11th to find out!  Hear from SYNNEX leaders, industry subject-level expert Tommy Wald, and business owners..

March 11
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
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5G Ready Webinar

Join our Stellr Mobility team as they talk about how to make your company 5G ready. Register today!

May 13
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
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Stellr Portal Webinar

Join the Stellr team as they go over new updates to the Stellr Portal.

May 18
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
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We tend to go back to Synnex because of the interaction we have with the actual people. We have people on the phone, phone numbers, and people know who we are which is kinda nice.

—Dean Edourarde, UGM Enterprises Inc

We’ve operated with many distributors and we really, really love and leverage our Synnex [Stellr] relationship because we have access to resources we don’t get through other distributors or even direct manufacturers. We get access to education, we get resources such as people that will come in and train us and help us learn the technologies and help us put the pieces together that we can’t do in house.

—Stephen Hall, District Computers

I can go get licensing and get margin on license anywhere almost at this point. The value in the relationship [with Synnex] is what comes with that. Whether I want to use support services, or whether a cloud solution could be effective, I need gateways or equipment to connect into the on premise and I can provide a unified solution. It’s the ability to go out and provide the bandwidth with the solution as well and modernize it.

—Allen Falcon, Cumulus Global

Usherwood Office Technology has been a huge fan of the Cloud Services Provider Program (CSPP) since it began. We’re able to leverage the flexibility of the program as a strategic tool now. The ability to add or remove any mix of licenses to an agreement has been fantastic. Since our clients are already used to being invoiced monthly for our core managed services, the monthly CSPP model makes great sense for both parties. Synnex’s Business Development staff have also been great at updating agreements quickly for us when we need to make changes.

—Stewart Walts, Vice President, Managed IT Services, Usherwood Office Technology

SYNNEX has been a huge asset to my organization. They have helped us navigate different relationship, open up doors, and communicated different types of solutions that are out there.

—Mary Mellema, CEO, Digital Highway Wireless Solutions

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