Please join us in congratulating SYNNEX Corporation’s 2019 Huang Leadership Development Scholarship recipients and their parents!

Huang Leadership
Development Scholarship
2019 Recipients

The Huang Leadership Development Scholarship was established by Bob and Lily Huang in recognition of the loyalty and dedication of SYNNEX employees worldwide. Bob and Lily’s leadership and vision laid the groundwork for SYNNEX with the company’s founding in 1980. The Huang Leadership Development Scholarship Fund was established in 2011 through a generous gift from Bob and Lily Huang. SYNNEX Corporation also contributes to the fund by matching the Huang’s gift to award up to ten eligible candidates scholarships of up to $10,000 each year. SYNNEX is honored to partner with Bob and Lily in their commitment to help influence the growth and advancement of our future leaders.

The scholarship recipients were selected based on academic achievement excellence and leadership qualities as evidenced by their personal statement, letters of reference, school and community activities. Lily and Bob Huang together with SYNNEX, congratulate the 2019 Huang Scholarship recipients: Victoria Briones, Patrick Link, Abigail McCarter, Nathaniel Schmidt, and Chloe Towns.

Parnika Agrawal

University of Michigan

Major: Pre-Medicine

Career Goal: Surgeon

Memberships: International Baccalaureate Student Council, Future Health Professionals of America, National Honors Society

Parnika is the daughter of Pradeep Agrawal, a past Concentrix employee, who was Director of Sales and Account Management in Michigan. She plans to attend medical school and become a surgeon.

Over the years, Parnika has excelled in competitive programs, including the ICSE Board in India and the IB program, which encourages students to think independently and take responsibility for learning and personal development.

In high school, Parnika gained valuable leadership experience through her involvement in managing fundraising events for IBSC. She learned how to use public service announcements as an education tool while working with HOSA, an international organization for students interested in medicine, For three years, Parnika led a team to videos as a way to generate awareness about critical healthcare-related topics.

Having lived in four different countries, Parnika experienced first-hand the way of living of less fortunate communities in developing countries. She believes this exposure helped her to discover her passion for medicine. “The field of medicine is one which requires, not only a love for the science behind it but also a love for the people,” she said. “Ultimately, I believe I have the capabilities and the right drive to succeed in college and contribute to the field of medicine.

David Cole Callahan

McMaster University

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Career Goal: Work for an Automotive Company

Memberships: Tutor in math, physics and chemistry for high school students, Basketball and Soccer team captain

Cole is the son of David Keith Callahan, Vice President, Service Delivery at Concentrix in Canada. Cole is entering his second year at McMaster University’s Mechanical Engineering program, which is ranked 7th in Canada.

He plans to join the McMaster Baja Racing team and design an off-road vehicle to race against universities in North America.

“My goals include leading my team to their first Top 20 finish and breaking the Top 10 list in design for the first time in the school’s history,” said Cole.

Upon graduation, Cole hopes to work with notable companies, such as Tesla, through co-operative studies to gain real-world experience and industry skills.

He believes the most important leadership quality he possesses is creativity.  “I am always full of ideas for different ways to approach a situation,” he said. “This trait was applicable in a school project when I created a custom-made door opener for a client with extreme arthritis.”

Other leadership strengths Cole says he possesses include commitment, accountability, honesty, and passion. “I will always take ownership of my work and ideas, whether right or wrong,” he said. “I will also always finish what I start and will be a positive contributor in everything I do. I am ready for the challenges that life has ahead of me. I am a hard-working, focused, and a strong individual with a wonderful support group of family and friends.”

Mallory McCormick

Clemson University

Major: Psychology

Career Goal:  Pediatrician

Memberships: National Honor Society, Freshmen Mentor Program, Sportsmanship Committee, Richardson Park Learning Center Club

Mallory is the daughter of Michael McCormick, Associate Vice President of Global Sales at SYNNEX in Greenville, South Carolina. Mallory graduated from Wilmington Charter High School capping off a successful 12-year softball career.

“The goal is not about wins and losses, but rather finishing the season while making memories with my teammates, many of whom will be lifelong friends,” said Mallory.

In the fall, Mallory heads to Clemson University with the goal to complete medical school and become a pediatrician.

“I am fascinated by the human body, which sparked an interest in the medical field,” she said. “And I have always had a special place in my heart for children.”

Mallory takes pride in the various leadership positions she held in high school. She says the experience helped her to become a more compassionate, responsible, and disciplined leader. She has served as a Blue-Gold ambassador and led her school in a partnership with other high schools in the Special Olympics of Delaware.

Through the work with special needs children, I learned to lead with a more empathetic and understanding approach,” she said.

Captain of the softball team for two seasons, Mallory was also the captain of her volleyball team during her senior year, which resulted in winning the Delaware State Championship. During her junior year, Mallory was selected by the school faculty to lead the freshmen mentoring program, which she found to be a rewarding experience. In this role, she served as a trusted source for freshman students and a go-to for academic and even personal questions.

She helped freshmen navigate the first few days of school and made the transition easier with organized activities and managed the seniors assigned to freshmen homerooms.

“I look forward to continuing to be a vibrant leader at Clemson!” said Mallory.

Angelique Ramirez

University of Florida

Major: Health Education and Behavior

Career Goal: Physician’s Assistant specializing in Neonatal and Pediatrics

Memberships:National Honor Society, FUTURES Foundation, Science National Honor Society

Angelique is the daughter of Ivette Fauth, Supervisor at Concentrix in Florida. Ranking third in her class, she graduated summa cum laude from Pine Ridge High School.

“A vital characteristic of someone who is determined is their work ethic,” Angelique said. “As a student, I have worked hard to strive in everything I take part in.”

During high school, Angelique held leadership roles in many organizations, which included president of the National Honor Society, vice-president of the Italian Honor Society, and vice-president of the Earth First Club. She was also recognized with a number of awards for academic and community achievements.

“I did not stop being determined after high school,” she said. “I am currently a first-generation college student at the University of Florida and an ambassador and mentor for other first-generation college students.”

Passionate about her volunteer work, Angelique is active in the Pre-Physician Assistant Association (PPAA), Delta Nu Zeta service sorority, and is director of volunteer programing for Gator Pals, which focuses on volunteer support of special needs children.

Upon graduation from the University of Florida, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in physician assistant studies at Stanford School of Medicine. Her goal is to become a P.A. specializing in neonatology and pediatrics.

“I have been able to experience how much responsibility, organization, and adequate social skills go into successful leadership,” she said. “However, I realize that when it comes to leadership, there is always more to learn. I want to learn more about leadership and become the best leader that I can be.”

Michael Shieh

University of Illinois

Major: Finance

Career Goal: Lead business strategies and grow companies that help others

Memberships: Illinois Investment Banking Academy, Collegiate Rowing Team, ESRD Research

Michael was raised by Jennifer Wu, who worked at SYNNEX in Fremont, California a few years ago.  He is currently studying finance at the University of Illinois and is a member of the Illinois Collegiate Crew team.

Michael earned recognition on the Dean’s List twice and is one of three in his Investment Banking Academy class awarded the Stanley C. Golder Academy Private Equity Scholarship. The scholarship recognizes outstanding top achievers majoring in finance and focuses on developing future business leaders through enhanced academic and career opportunities. Gies College of Business faculty selected Michael from more than 4,000 student applications for an Instructing Fellow position at the Margolis Market Information Lab, one of the nation’s most highly utilized finance labs. The lab provides a cutting-edge learning environment where students learn the latest financial and technology trends used in the workplace. To date, he has hosted lectures to more than 1,500 university students on leading business software.

Michael gives his time to mentoring younger students and helps them through the recruitment process with technology and financial firms. “Without the help of older students, I would not have had the opportunities I have today,” he said.

During his experience with the Global Hunger Initiative, Michael learned that empathy is the sign of a great leader, as it helps leaders understand others and inspires action, and during his employment at an early-stage venture capital firm, he learned the value of more aggressive execution.

“Understanding the purpose of my work has been the biggest challenge of my life,” he said. “I will feel fulfilled and successful when I can positively say that I did my best to improve the lives of strangers and my friends and family whom I love.”

Ivana Tang

McMaster University

Major: Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization

Career Goal: Pharmacist

Memberships: Chemistry Club, Science Olympics, OTG’s Mental Health Sector Executive Team, McMaster Gospel Choir

Ivana is the daughter of Vincent Tang, Materials Handler at SYNNEX in Canada. She is currently working on a degree in biomedical discovery and commercialization, a program that prepares students for the field of drug research. Upon graduation, Ivana plans to pursue a career in pharmacy.

“This program has provided me with lots of opportunities to complete hands-on research in cutting-edge studies,” she said.

During her group studies in antibiotic research, Ivana’s leadership skills were apparent as she delegated tasks and developed new ideas for the final candidate drug.

“I will continue to exercise my leadership skills as I complete my thesis in cancer research, which includes using oncolytic viruses,” said Ivana.

Ivana’s passion also extends into the mental health field, where she is currently pursuing a minor in psychology. She gained important insights through a leadership position at Overcome the Gap (OTG), a student-led organization created to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. In this role, she led a team in publishing an anthology of work, which included informational articles about various mental health illnesses.

“Leading up to this year, I spent almost five years working as a pharmacy assistant and can say that I have found something I am very passionate about,” she said. “I enjoy connecting with my community and forming relationships with patients.”


Morgan Weber

University of Colorado Boulder

Major: Integrated physiology

Career Goal: Pediatric Physician’s Assistant in Surgery

Memberships: National Honors Society, 21 Club, Varsity Softball, Junior Varsity Basketball, Letters to Soldiers, Flood Relief Clean-Up

Morgan is the daughter of Derek Weber, Director of Product Management at Westcon-Comstor in Colorado. She finished her first year at the University of Colorado in Boulder and is studying integrated physiology. She plans on pursuing a career as a pediatric physician assistant in surgery.

Morgan says she acquired her leadership skills on the softball field – from winning, disagreements with umpires, to the excitement of going to state championship, which resulted in three consecutive losses.

“Although the outcome was not what I expected, the life lessons, accomplishments, and leadership opportunities have shaped who I am as a person,” Morgan said. “Leadership is defined as someone who exhibits qualities of guidance, service, trust, and vision. However, a true leader also exhibits qualities of humility and empathy.”

As team captain, the experience encouraged her to lead by example. Her outstanding performance was recognized with the Triple Crown All American softball player award, as well as a number of coaches’ awards. The experience inspired her to help others in the softball community by coaching at a skills camps for kids and mentoring incoming freshman.

While softball was a major part of her life, school remained a priority and influenced her involvement in the National Honor Society, school committees and many other community service projects. In high school, Morgan received academic awards of excellence in biology, English, chemistry, math, anatomy and physiology, to name a few.

“The experience teaching preschoolers at my church not only taught me the importance of patience, but it also showed a passion I have for helping young kids,” she said.

Morgan’s long-term dream includes creating a nonprofit organization that helps others outside the U.S., specifically young children in Ethiopia.

“With my education, life lessons, accomplishments, failures, and challenges, I hope to share what I have learned and address the medical needs of the world around me,” said Morgan.


Queenie Wong

McMaster University

Major: Molecular Biology and Genetics


Career Goal: Researcher or Geneticist


Memberships: McMaster Science Society, Global Society for Genetics and Genome Biology


Queenie is the daughter of Iris Chai, Buyer, at SYNNEX in Canada. In her third year at McMaster University, Queenie is currently studying molecular biology and genetics and plans to pursue a career in science.


“Ever since I was a kid, I was especially interested in human anatomy and enjoyed watching and reading science-related movies and books,” she said. “I have always wanted to be a doctor.” 


Queenie’s Honor Roll awards and academic certifications demonstrate her passion for learning and two Ontario Volunteer Service awards, shows her commitment to serving others.  


“As a member of the Carefirst Seniors and Community Service Association, I was responsible for giving seniors a helping hand to make their lives easier,” she said. “I led their morning exercise, game time, and meals, which enhanced my leadership and communication skills.” 


Queenie has chaired a number of events, including the Korean Pop-Culture (KPC), a club for educating students about Korea’s unique culture and music. As the event coordinator, she was responsible for creating weekly events throughout the school – approximately 50 in total.


“It was truly a memorable experience and an honor for me to lead and chair these clubs and events this year,” she said. 


Queenie says these experiences helped her to become a better person and inspired her to help others as well. 

“As my mum always says, ‘if we have the power to do so, we should help those that are in need, as being someone of dependence is a blessing, and we should always be thankful for that,” she said.