Please join us in congratulating SYNNEX Corporation’s 2020 Huang Leadership Development Scholarship recipients and their parents!

Huang Leadership
Development Scholarship
2020 Recipients

The scholarship recipients were selected based on academic achievement excellence and leadership qualities as evidenced by their personal statement, letters of reference, school and community activities. Lily and Bob Huang together with SYNNEX, congratulate the 2020 Huang Scholarship recipients: Alexander Eaton, Savannah Edwards, Merytt Haney, Riley Mayfield, Elizabeth Spera, and Lucia Spera.

Alexander Eaton

University of Southern California

Major:  World Business

Career Goal: Management Consulting

MembershipsMarshall Student Ambassadors, Global Social Impact, 180 Degree Consulting

Alexander is the son of Scott Eaton, Director of Business Development at SYNNEX in Georgia.  As a current student studying world business at the University of Southern California, his consistent commitment to his studies resulted in being recognized as a recipient of the USC Marshall Dean’s List for achieving a GPA higher than 3. 7.  His goal is to start a company that incorporates shared value in order to make an impact on the global community and said, “I believe business can, and should, be used as a catalyst for change.”

Alexander’s World Bachelor of Business program allowed for his first year on campus in California.  As a sophomore, he is now attending the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  Junior year will take him to Bocconi University in Milan, Italy and as a Senior, he will have the choice of which of the three campuses to finish with.  He will subsequently receive three degrees, one from each Institution.

He chose the World Business Bachelor in Business program because of his love of the subject and his desire to develop a toolkit to solve issues of global importance.  Outside of the classroom, Alexander was able to expand on his passion for social impact by working with a sustainable construction company in Peru to improve their sales and communication strategies.  His participation in a fellowship program in South Africa taught him about responsible leadership and social impact consulting. “I spent this summer learning about empathetic leadership skills, forging new relationships with students around the world and designing a digital transformation for an education nonprofit in Johannesburg,” he explained.

Alexander’s first year of college has already refined his personal leadership style and acquired skills to help him succeed in diverse environments, “As I worked with teammates from the US, Italy, Kenya, and Hong Kong, I quickly realized the importance of great communication,” he said.  “As a leader, I now encourage clear, honest, and frequent discussions to ensure that we make consistent progress towards our goals.“

After graduating, he plans on pursuing a career in management consulting to learn more about different industries in business with an aim to grow his international experiences by living and working in different countries for enhancing global change.  Alex loves to travel and experience different cultures, making not only his curriculum, but this leadership scholarship and WBB program a perfect fit.


Savannah Edwards

University of Waterloo

Major: Environmental Science

Career Goal: Law

Memberships:  Generation Z Club (Pioneer/President), Music Council, Rhetorical Society, Student Activity Council, Credit Valley Youth Corps

Savannah is the daughter of Rexton Edwards, Supervisor of IT at SYNNEX in Ontario; she attended high school at Peel Secondary School where she earned several awards including the Music Council Leadership Award and the Excellence in Leadership & Music.  These achievements are no surprise given Savannah’s deep love for writing, reading, and playing various instruments.

Her interests extend beyond music; she enjoys giving back to others and nurturing our planet with a belief that by choosing law as her career path, it will arm her with everything she needs to accomplish these goals simultaneously.  “My longing to help people and my passion for being a steward of this earth have set the pace for both my short term and long-term goals,” she said.

In high school, her strong Math skills were evident through the two certifications she was given for the University of Waterloo Math Competitions offered by the Centre of for Education in Mathematics and Computing and her level five score on the AP Calculus exam.

Throughout her high school career, she was able to lead and volunteer in various clubs including the Red Cross, SickKids and even pioneered her own club called “Generation Z”.  In addition, Savannah was an executive member of both the Student Activity Council, Music Council and chosen to be the concert master of her orchestra.  “As a result of having various leadership experiences in the past, I have developed into a leader that is not only responsible and organized, but also compassionate and caring, two important leadership traits that are often overlooked,” she explained.

She plans to leverage her learnings around the importance of fully understanding concepts and the value of good problem solving at college and said, “After all, it is not the equations and formulas you put to use in your daily life – it is how to solve problems.”

Merytt Haney

University of North Carolina

Major: International Business

Career Goal:  Lawyer

Memberships: North Carolina Governor’s Page, Wake Forest Youth Leadership, Board of Valedictorians, National Honor Society

Merytt is the daughter of Christopher Haney, Vice President, Legal Counsel at Concentrix in Raleigh, NC.   With her impressive, 4-year straight A streak, she graduated with the honor of being recognized with a seat on the Board of Valedictorians for outstanding academic performance during her high school career.

She complimented her stellar academics by being actively involved in the Wake Forest Youth Leadership, a selective program designed to develop leadership skills, enhance community awareness and promote civic participation.  She also spent time volunteering as a coach at the Oak City Soccer program, a non-profit organization that seeks to build soccer skills through socialization and collaboration for children on the autism spectrum.  This opened her eyes to a myriad of needs; she plans on continuing this work through the North Carolina Autism Society.  As Vice President of her school’s DECA chapter, a club focused on preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs, she was exposed to international business, driving her decision to choose this as her major. This combined with her participation in the North Carolina Governor’s Page program which enabled her to meet with North Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Justices furthered her desire to attend law school.

Merytt has a goal to travel to all fifty states, her travel dreams were brought to life through a program called Teens’ Camping Tour of the West, an education immersion trip focused on building spiritually strong leaders. “This experience was truly a life changing trip. I learned a great deal about myself over the three weeks that we traveled to twenty-one states (raising my total to thirty) and saw how traveling contributes to a deeper understanding of the world,” she explained.  “I am grateful for all of life’s experiences because they truly make me who I am and look forward to seeing what my future holds.”

Riley Mayfield

Clemson University 

Major: BioEngineering

Career Goal: Physician

Memberships:  Student Government, National Honor Society, National Math Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Beta Club, Health Occupations Students of America

Riley is the daughter of Chuck Mayfield, Field Account Executive at SYNNEX in South Carolina.   She graduated from Blythewood High School with the highest distinction of Summa Cum Laude with Honors and Class Speaker at Graduation, a role of honor that signifies her leadership, dedication and service in good standing with the school.

She describes herself as a hard worker, who approaches problems and tasks with a go-getter attitude and acknowledges opportunities to obtain and learn new skills. “I absolutely love working with others and believe the most powerful tool in life is maintaining a positive mindset,” Riley said.  After 8 AP courses, maintaining a steady 4.7 GPA, and many hours of volunteering at PRISMA hospital, she found her passion to work in the STEM field and aspires to go to Medical School to become a Physician with the ultimate goal of running her own practice.

Her leadership experience includes her role in Student Government as Student Body President and Chairperson on the Community Service Committee.  Her involvement organizing and leading projects during Breast Cancer Awareness week and Community Drives resulted in exceeding fundraising goals for these service projects.  She also initiated a Freshman Tutoring Class to help students in Algebra 1 adjust and spent time tutoring students which developed into a Math Seminar Class that is now a standard offering at the high school.  One of her biggest leadership accomplishments was being on the interviewing committee to elect a new Student Activities Director; this was challenging for her in that she had a dual role to help the new Director while still fulfilling the duties and demands of her current position.

“One of my strongest leadership assets is that I have a growth-mindset; I tackle scenarios and roles that require community engagement, leadership skills and logical thinking with an open mind, which I know will be a personal strength to succeed in medical school, “ she explained.  “In my future, I know I will enrich the community with what I have learned and I’m anxious to continue to learn at Clemson and in my career.”

Elizabeth Spera

Washington University in St. Louis 

Major: International Studies

Career Goal: Lawyer

Memberships: National Honors Society, National French Honors Society, Wyoming Model United Nations

Elizabeth is the daughter of Scott Spera, Director of Research Analytics at Concentrix in Ohio and graduated from Wyoming High School in Cincinnati with several awards and honors including the Northwestern University Book Award for showing exceptional academic strength and representing the values of Northwestern University which she received during her Junior year and a Gold Presidential Service Award for completing over 175 hours of community volunteer work in 2017.

 She describes herself as a student athlete dedicated to excellence in the classroom, in the swimming pool and throughout her community and believes that her leadership skills became more meaningful due to hard work and perseverance in the face of challenging setbacks she overcame as a nine-year competitive swimmer.  It is through these injuries that she learned how to adapt and learn new skills on the spot as she achieved record breaking results.  “Swimming has taught me the importance of goal-setting and resilience for leading by example.” she said.  As a leadership board member of the Model United Nations Club whose focus is on building a strong community, she led the club as they participated in international conferences and trained members of her team. This resulted in her winning six conference awards to commemorate her debate and collaboration skills.

Elizabeth is also passionate about leading meaningful change in impoverished communities.  Her involvement with mission trips throughout her high school years has taught her the correct way to use compassion and to avoid serving from above and instead serve from within for impacting sustainable change.  This learning led to the successful implementation of three little libraries providing children in an underprivileged area of West Virginia with access to over 500 books and the personal honor of receiving a Girls Scout Gold Service Award.

“By learning the correct way to work with underprivileged communities, I have better prepared myself to work with immigrant and refugee families through my future career as a lawyer,” said Elizabeth.  “My skills of passion, empathy and perseverance will bring my goals to fruitions.”

Lucia Spera

Case Western Reserve University

Major: Biology

Career Goal: Surgeon

Memberships:  National Honor Society, Girls on the Run, American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Lucia is the daughter of Scott Spera, Director of Research Analytics at Concentrix in Ohio and a Service Silver Award winner 3 years in a row, as well as the recipient of the AP Scholar of Distinction award for averaging at least 3.5 on all AP exams and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams.  To compliment these academic honors, she was chosen by the Cincinnati Enquirer as the Fall All Star athlete for being one of the top soccer players in the city, and recognized with the Second Team All Cincinnati Hills League award for being one of the best soccer players in her school’s division.

Lucia says she loves puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku puzzles and crossword puzzles because of the need to pay attention to detail. “Surgery is like a puzzle, a very complicated puzzle that requires patience and great attention to detail.  I plan to study biology in college because I want to be a surgeon,” Lucia explained.  She has a strong desire to help people, those that have been injured, have health conditions or those living in areas across the globe with no access to proper health care.

She grew her leadership skills as captain of her soccer team and through her work coaching refugee children in her community.  Her compassion for these children led her to bring her high school teammates together to launch a fundraiser to collect donations for providing the children with much needed soccer equipment.  Lucia is no stranger to fund raising, she took a larger role in the Relay for Life club where she dedicated much of her time to volunteer and service work to raise money for cancer research.  “Doing this type of work allowed me to connect with many people I would never have met, which broadened my horizons.  My experiences participating on mission trips with my youth group allowed me to see parts of the US and the world that are vastly different from where I live,” she said.

Lucia knows that she has long road ahead of her and said, “I hope that through these lessons, and the ones that I’ve already learned, I can eventually reach my goal of becoming a surgeon and helping to save lives.”