Successful Women Strategists Do These Four Things

Organizations are facing a new business landscape defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). Despite these conditions, most leaders and organizations still focus on the short term and make plans as if the world were predictable, developing point forecasts, budgets, and initiatives that will succeed only in stable situations. Yet, what this environment requires is truly strategic leaders—both women and men—who can adapt to changing conditions and navigate this uncharted terrain to succeed in the long term. Read More

Do You Know When to Trust Your Gut?

Recently a SYNNEX F2F member sent me an email written by Kate White, Best Selling Author of Suspense. I went into her website to see if I could share and realized she hadn’t written a blog post associated with her email. While noodling around in her website I found  Do you know when to trust your Gut? Kate shares her three strategies for developing a “golden gut” Read More


Why do groups like SYNNEX F2F and CompTia AWIT exist?

I had been searching for the perfect piece of content to post for International Women’s Day and couldn’t find it until last night. A female advertising friend and SYNNEX F2F member sent this to me and  said “this reiterated why SYNNEX F2F and CompTia AWIT need to exist and thrive”. Please be sure to read the article and watch this videos. Read here

An AWESOME approach to advancing women’s role in logistics

Watch Dr. Nancy Nix, Executive Director of AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education) discusses her organization’s focus on advancing women’s leadership in logistics. Nancy discusses the importance of data analytics and growth of careers in supply chain.


Four Signs That We’re Nearing A Turning Point for Women In Leadership

Gloria Feldt recently wrote a great article for Fast Company about the opportunities women have to change the gender-leadership gap and the four signs that support her belief. I’ve provided a quick summary below; however the full article provides and interesting perspective on why “Women’s biggest challenge in the 20th century was to change laws and open doors. Our challenge in the 21st is to walk through those doors with big intentions. “

  1. Justice Makes Dollar Sense — “The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that gender equality could add $12 trillion to the global economy.”
  2. Passion – and Preparation to Match Despite all the handwringing over work-life balance, the truth is that what women really want in their work is power — not power over others, but the power to use their talents and expertise to succeed in a field they’re passionate about.”
  3. More Role Models and Mentors The proliferation of mentoring opportunities for women, such as LeanIn circles and Glassbreakers, and a plethora of local networking groups, are the modern female equivalent of the golf game and old boys’ club.” Have you considering becoming involved as a mentor or mentee with SYNNEX F2F? If not, contact to learn more about our program.
  4. Genders Meet on the Same (Digital) Plant —— “Today’s working parents have greater leeway than any before them to step out to catch their kid’s soccer game or drive to the dentist during normal office hours without jeopardizing their employment.”

Read Gloria’s complete article here

We Act The Way We Dress


SYNNEX F2F recently supported a professional clothing drive throughout our North American locations. Through the generous donations of SYNNEX F2F members, vendors, resellers, and employees, we provided over 1,000 pieces of clothing to those in need.

In particular, SYNNEX F2F in the Fremont, CA, office supported the Center for Employment Training (CET) in San Jose. The Mission of CET, an economic and community development corporation, is to promote human development and education by providing people with marketable skills training and supportive services that contribute to self-sufficiency.

Noemi, a recent graduate and former farmworker, was the first CET recipient of the clothing. She received a beautiful, white winter coat and a few other items”I’ve never had work clothes other than muddy jeans – now I’m able to wear white and looking forward to walking into the office in my new coat to match my new job.”  Said Naomi.

“Because each of us knows what it is like to walk into an interview, SYNNEX F2F donors can be proud to have helped recipients walk a little taller. So please accept a most humble and heartfelt thank you to each and every woman for helping these CET students take those first strides forward with confidence!” said Amy Lawrence, CET Executive Assistant on behalf of the CET team.

Hiring Millennials by a Millennial

Many of you know Brigetta Koepke the Lenovo Program Manager at SYNNEX. Brigetta recently hosted a webinar for business owners sponsored by the CompTia Future Leaders Community. Brigetta shares Resume 101, Thank you notes and many more tips. Listen here

Corporate America is not on a path to gender equality

Women are still underrepresented at every level in the corporate pipeline. Many people assume this is because women are leaving companies at higher rates than men or due to difficulties balancing work and family. However, our analysis tells a more complex story: women face greater barriers to advancement and a steeper path to senior leadership.

Female leadership is an imperative for organizations that want to perform at the highest levels. Yet based on the slow rate of progress over the last three years, it will take twenty-five years to reach gender parity at the senior-VP level and more than one hundred years in the C-suite.

While CEO commitment to gender diversity is high, organizations need to make a significant and sustained investment to change company practices and culture so women can achieve their full potential.

Read the Key Findings