The SYNNEX F2F Mentoring Excellence program is quickly becoming a signature of the SYNNEX F2F community. Mentoring is one of the most valued, and often a life and career-changing, exercise that we can all benefit from. And it’s not just mentees that benefit. The relationships between mentors and mentees provide perspectives to business challenges and can help mentors understand another point of view. We all have dreams to aspire to and challenges to overcome, and what better way to meet them head-on then by sharing in confidence with someone that has experience to foster your growth? Mentees and mentors are matched using a formal process to best meet your criteria for participating.

Registration for the 2017 Mentoring Excellence program is now open through April 7, 2017.


The SYNNEX F2F Mentoring Excellence program is exclusively for SYNNEX F2F Members across the U.S. and Canada. Mentor/mentee matches are not based on location, but rather the synergies of the two individuals involved.


Formal training for both the mentee and mentor will be scheduled in the May to June timeframe based on participants’ availabilities. The material was designed by Lisa Slayton, a Human Resources professional, with expertise spanning more than 30 years.

Listen to Lisa Slayton’s initial launch of the SYNNEX F2F Mentoring Excellence program in 2016.

The training class, a three-hour commitment, will be provided via a video conference at a central SYNNEX office location.

Pass on Your Valuable Knowledge Through Mentoring

Mentoring is a collaborative relationship that is both dynamic and reciprocal. Mentors can be both information sources and role models. SYNNEX F2F connects peer-to-peer by having members establish individual or subject competences.

Advantages of having a mentor:

  • Holds you accountable for your actions, helps you set realistic goals, and assists you in finding ways to balance your time.
  • Helps you define and reach short- and long-term goals. Your mentor will help you explore achievable goals and ask clarifying questions to help you define them, all while developing strategies to keep you focused while handling the day-to-day pressures of business and family.
  • “On the outside looking in” – As you grow in your business, it is easy to reach a plateau. A good mentor will bring a new perspective along with a fresh set of eyes. This will help you work more efficiently with a clearer view of your company’s plans for growth.
  • A trusted colleague to discuss problems and find solutions – You gain a confidant, someone to brainstorm with – a great sounding board.

To learn more about how to become involved in mentoring, contact one of our advisory chairs:

Qiana La Croix, HR Specialist
Work: 562-277-2769
Carson, CA
Jennifer Eley, Manager GOVSolv Sales
Work: 864-349-4266
Greenville, SC