Advisory Committee

F2F Advisory Committee Contact Sheet

Sr. Executive Sponsor

Debra LaTourette, SVP Human Resources, North America, TW, UK, SYNNEX Corporation
Work: 510-668-3705
Cell: 510-303-7312
Fremont, CA

Committee Co-Chairs

Denna Mensch, VP of Technology Solutions Marketing
Work: 864-349-4478
Cell: 864-915-7287
Greenville, SC

Janis Hodgins, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications
Work:  864-349-4265
Cell: 864-518-3111
Greenville, SC

Education Committee Chair

Cheryl Henry, Channel Marketing Specialist
Work: 416-240-2744
Toronto, ON

Networking Committee Co-Chairs

Felicia Hall, Manager Financial Operations
Work: 510-668-3772
Fremont, CA

Suzanne Barrette, VP of Sales, OPD
Work: 416-240-2585
Cell: 416-528-3000
Toronto, ON Canada

Mentoring Committee Co-Chairs

Qiana La Croix, HR Specialist
Work: 310-952-5884
Carson, CA

Jennifer Eley, Manager GOVSolv Sales
Work: 864-349-4266
Greenville, SC

Philanthropy Committee Co-Chairs

Stephanie Johnson Gosnell, Marketing Program Manager
Work: 864-349-4145
Greenville, SC

Shana Kapustin, Director, Human Resources
Work: 416-240-2759
Toronto, ON