Stellr Marketplace Update 4.9

August 26, 2020

The Stellr Marketplace Update 4.9 includes several user interface improvements, dashboard enhancements, expanded capabilities for the Scheduled Activation feature, and increased ease of visibility for contract changes, user reports, and more. You will find a brief overview of each update below. To view the full release notes for this update, please click here.

New Vendors

We are excited to announce that with the 4.9 Update, you will now be able to purchase from the following vendors: BitDefender, Symantec, WatchGuard AuthPoint. To view a complete list of vendors on our line-card, select the “Vendors” tab in the navigation bar.

User Interface Changes

Visual Updates

You may notice changes to fonts, colours, and display have been made throughout the Stellr Marketplace. These updates may be noticed in your dashboards, where there are also a few accompanying changes to functionality.

New Documentation

The Stellr team has put together resources for our partners regarding the Stellr Marketplace. These resources (including release notes, setup guides, and FAQ docs) can be found in the Resource Centre, and/or in the “What’s New” section of the site’s footer.

Marketplace Alerts

When logging into the Stellr Marketplace or visiting a Product Catalog Page, you may notice a message displaying in a banner at the top of the page. These messages are written by our Stellr Development and Product Management teams, and help to inform you about important platform changes, product changes, or active promotions. We highly recommend paying close attention to these communications, as they inform a specific audience about exclusive updates and promotions.

We’ve also included Enhanced Customer Search options, Dashboard Enhancements, Azure Dashboard Updates, and more with the 4.9 Release. Please view the 4.9 release notes for details.

Reseller API Updates.

With the reseller API updates available through Update 4.9, you will be able to:

  • View MSRP for products available through the API motion
  • View Microsoft Azure Summary by Resource Group and Resource Type
  • Retrieve Microsoft CSP Subscription Details
  • Retrieve Change Logs for Contracts (to see details on changes made)

Contract Change Logs

There are new ways to view contract changes within a customer contract. This will allow you to view any changes made to a specific contract and see details on how/when those changes were made. You are also able to filter contract changes by a date range, as well as search by product or vendor name. View the comprehensive release notes for instructions on how to view these changes.

Subscription Renewals

If you’ve requested a customer’s service to cancel at renewal time, but no longer wish for the cancellation to take effect, you are now able to remove your cancellation request within the Customer Management window. This feature is also available on a customer’s contract. View the comprehensive release notes for instructions on how to remove your cancellation requests.

Scheduled Activations

Our new scheduled activations feature, announced last release, allows you to schedule services to be turned on up to 30 days in advance. With these updates to the new scheduled activations feature, you can now schedule activations for almost anything, including the add seat motion, the remove seat motion, and the cancellations of services under a certain contract.

Invoice Notifications

With Update 4.9, we’ve made a change to our invoicing system that will notify our resellers 14 days before their invoice will be sent and provide information regarding credit availability. This notification will come via email to the invoice contact for your account. You can expect to receive this notification regardless of your credit availability, however, if you do NOT have enough on your credit line to cover your upcoming invoices, you will need to follow the email’s instructions on how to move forward.

If you have any questions or comments about the updates made in release 4.9, please reach out to your business development representative, and they’ll be happy to assist you, or contact us at

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