Setting Up the Ideal Security Practice

April 24, 2019

Year after year the importance of security continues to be a top trend—and 2019 is no exception.

Generally, when people think about security, they think about a specific product rather than the entire security practice that encompasses an organization. But to truly understand and build a secure practice, you have to do more than install a box from a shelf. It must start with a bottom up approach: with the processes and procedures employees must adopt to the cloud storage you may be leveraging.

In fact, when it comes to security, it’s important to highlight how different technologies come together to create a total practice and the requirements for ensuring security is at the forefront. Recently while chatting with a coworker about the subject of “What is security?” we realized that many people don’t think about where their security could break or even know where to begin to build a secure practice. From that conversation, I had three take-aways:

Processes and People

First, you need to ask yourself if you have the best software possible for your organization. It’s important to have software that protects you and to make sure you set up the correct rules and protocols within your organization to maintain your security practice.

Capturing Information, Storage and Automation

Let’s get scenario specific on this one.

You already have a video surveillance system in your organization. Now, we are going to do a little math to get this scenario set up properly:

  • You are capturing around 6 megs of data per day which is roughly equivalent to 200 YouTube videos.
  • You now have a month worth of data which is roughly 60,000 YouTube videos and you hear of an incident that happened. You don’t know the exact time or day of said incident but have some other identifying information.

As this video builds, some questions come to mind:

Connectivity and Security

Telecommuting is here to stay and with that is the need to remotely connect to the office from different states or even different countries. That being said, the question then becomes, “How do you ensure when you connect in that your information is safe and you have a secure network to connect?” Don’t be a company that overlooks this type of security risk. When you see that free wi-fi signal and you are off to the races you are potentially putting your company—and yourself—at risk. That being said, when you set up your internal networks, how do you provide access to guests without compromising the business?

The answer for all three of these key take-aways is Stellr.

Stellr can help you set up protocols, develop a plan to capture your information and store it and make that you are safely connecting from remote environments. It’s crucial to the success of your company that you understand just how important your information is. After all, if everyone else is talking about the importance of security, shouldn’t you be listening and be a part of the conversation, too?

Don’t overlook the importance and value that comes with creating a well-thought-out security practice for both you and your customer. Leverage our engineers and technical and product experts to help you provide the ideal practice. Reach out to the Stellr team today to get the conversation started.


Author: Heather Harlos, Strategic Program Manager