A Better Experience in the Stellr Marketplace

July 16, 2020

Partnering with SYNNEX Stellr means having a strategic distribution partner who listens, understands, and goes above and beyond to provide the highest level of customer support. This is especially true of our Stellr Development team, who specialize in creating the best possible experience for the users of our Stellr Marketplace.

The Stellr Marketplace is a custom built platform that is managed and owned by SYNNEX, which means Stellr is able to do what many other distributors can not: create a marketplace experience that is tailored to the specific needs of our partners. The Stellr team is constantly collecting partner feedback, and working with the developers to add helpful features to the Stellr Marketplace. In early June, we released Stellr Marketplace Update 4.8, which included 3 important additions to our platform:


Scheduled Activation

The Scheduled Activation* feature will allow our partners to provision a customer’s service for activation up to 30 days in advance. This feature applies to all vendors, and works with any service in Stellr. Scheduled Activations provide partners with more flexibility, creating an overall better end user experience.
*Please note that this feature does not allow for the migration or transfer of a service to be scheduled.


Lightweight User Management (in Beta)

The Lightweight User Management feature allows resellers to manage their Google G Suite and Microsoft CSP customers without ever leaving the platform. With this motion, resellers can add/remove users, edit customer information, reset user passwords, and assign and manage licenses, all in one spot. Resellers will also be able to view their customer’s tenant domain, tenant ID, and directly access Google/Microsoft admin sites.

The Lightweight User Management feature is currently in Beta. If you would like to be a part of the user group that tests this feature, please let your representative know, or contact Stellr@SYNNEX.com.


Product and Invoice Reporting

There are two new reports located under the Report Console named “Product Report” and “Invoice Report”. These reports are extremely detailed, and can provide customers with valuable insights for their businesses. The new reports are the Product Report and the Invoice Report.

Product Report

The Product Report will show details around products purchased during the time frame selected, including new, added, removed and recurring products. Using the search features at the top, the products can be filtered by Product Name, Vendor, SKU Number, Billing Type, Date, and Manufacturer Part Number. This view will provide insight on the products your customers are purchasing, and on how those products are being used.

Invoice Report

The Invoice Report allows the reseller to download invoices for a selected period. The details will display any new products, changes, removes for the selected period. It will also show recurring charges and details around the invoices.


These new features were created with our partners in mind. With Scheduled Activations, Lightweight User Management for Google G Suite and Microsoft CSP, and improved reporting functionalities, our partners can approach their businesses with increased efficiency, allowing for more time to focus on growth.

For more information about these features and instructions on how to use them, please click here to download our Stellr Marketplace Update 4.8 Guide. If you are new to the Stellr Marketplace, be sure to start with this overview to learn more about features, vendor offerings, and more.

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