TD SYNNEX Canada Is Backed by Experience, Infrastructure and Expertise

In conjunction with PCW, we can offer you our valued customer opportunities in; excess, end-of-life, and refurbished hardware.

Buying PCW excess equipment allows you, our customer, to produce high gross profit margin opportunities with an experienced, dedicated sales team by your side. We work with our vendor partners to bring you end-of-life, excess and factory-reconditioned laptops, desktops, servers, printers, LCD’s, networking hardware and consumer electronics.

Advancing IT Innovations

Map your destination to increased productivity, cost savings and overall business success. Our distribution centers are strategically located across Canada to provide you with product where you need it; when you need it. Each of our distribution centers provides our customers with warehouse ratings of nearly 100% in accuracy and PPS(pick, pack, and ship) performance. Couple that with unsurpassed service from our infrastructure support giving you one more reason why you should be doing business with PCW, a division of TD SYNNEX. That’s service and infrastructure support you can rely on!

Canada Shipping Locations