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The TD SYNNEX Canada CONSUMER team is here to help build and strengthen relationships between Retailers (Major, Independent, SID and Tier 2) and our manufacturer partners. We build recognition, establish immediate mindshare, present new products & services and target potential growth opportunities. Contact us today to discuss the many ways our team can help you maximize your goals and objectives within the Retail Channel.

  • Remote Work and Home Office
  • Gaming and E-Sports
  • Smart Home
  • Home Entertainment

Remote Work and Home Office

Now more than ever…having a fully functional home office will keep Canada’s workforce productive, effective, and professional no matter what the circumstances. TD SYNNEX Canada has the technology and partnerships to help make this happen.

Gaming and Esports

Let us show you the hottest, in-demand hardware, software, and accessories from the explosive world of video gaming and e-sports. Our dedicated team knows how to help you take advantage of the phenomenal growth of this industry.

Smart Home

The interconnection and interoperability of multiple devices, services and apps, ranging from communications and entertainment to healthcare, security and home automation has become vital to people across Canada. We can help your team deliver the connected, real-time, smart and contextual experiences your customers demand.

Home Entertainment

The category of Home Entertainment covers integrated entertainment systems within the household and includes accessing and sharing digital content across different devices. The TD SYNNEX team can help you see the growth opportunities and introduce you to some of the most popular technologies in the connected home.

TD SYNNEX Consumer Product Services

Be Unique with Bundles

As a differentiator from our competitors, TD SYNNEX Canada offers a robust bundling program that allows your product to be aligned with another vendor’s product. Bundles empower customers to have a unique offering and compete with big-box retailers.

Unique bundles offered include:

  • Exclusive and Unique SKUs
  • Custom Retail Packaging
  • Media Content Bundles
  • ESD/Key Codes/POSA Bundles
  • Multi-Vendor Options
  • Concierge Services (support/warranty)
  • TD SYNNEX Technical Services relabeling and reworking finished goods inventory

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TD SYNNEX Canada can provide our vendors and customers with the ability to differentiate products in the supply chain at the last moment. TD SYNNEX Canada plans these unique product assortments on a short timeline schedule that allows us to drive profitability and value to shoppers.

Our unique systems and relationship with leading 3rd party design companies all us to off a complete suite of capabilities and services for all your marketing at retail, co-packing, printing, design and graphics needs. TD SYNNEX Canada’s proven forecast model, combined with our ability to create & ship pallets, provide single drop ships, and create bundles within a single warehouse, lowers our overall cost to manage this process.

  • TD SYNNEX Canada can serve as your one stop shop with the ability to liaison with any number of 3rd party support companies to create finished goods.
  • Provide opportunities for new brands to enter in the retail space without interrupting the specific retailer’s seasonality of Planogram resets.
  • Create opportunities for brand loyalty with consumers. If customers buy product from a shipper, they generally will look for the same product again even after the shipper has been removed.
  • Leverage existing programs or create a custom Marketing program to gain reseller feedback and mindshare, and to expand your circle of influence within your desired markets.

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Electronic Software Download (ESD)

TD SYNNEX Canada’s Electronic Software Download is a service platform that retailers and resellers can use to offer their customers digital downloads and license keys to a broad catalog of PC, Mac, and Android software. Your customers can now purchase digital downloads of their favorite or hard-to-find software products, from your dot-com site or through your retail storefront via a PC connected to your website. With a hosted software-delivery solution, there is no inventory, investment, or risk, and no concerns with product theft. Additionally, with TD SYNNEX ESD you become the central software resource by providing customers with a wide range of titles and support, instead of sending them to third-party online marketplaces or to the software publisher.

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