The Power of Progress

Our EDGE Progression Programs provide focused consulting, best practices, education, training, tools and tactics for your core business functions. Grow your Cisco practice strategically and profitably. We align you to very specific participation levels for your targeted Cisco technology including: Security, Collaboration, Data Center, Networking and Meraki

The EDGE Focus Tool was created to make the Comstor EDGE Progression Programs simple to learn and easier to achieve. With the calls to action shown in an easy-to-understand, percentage-complete format, we track how partners’ success through their Cisco partner journey is tied to their growth within Comstor’s EDGE Progression Programs.


Simplifying the stages of beginning your journey selling Cisco. This guide is a step by step process on where to begin and what resources are available to enable your success.

Security (CSI)

Comstor Security Initiative (CSI) is a development program designed to help value-added resellers (VARs) build a successful Cisco Security practice. This comprehensive program provides focused consulting, best practices, education,training, tools and tactics for each reseller’s core business functions, including: Executive, sales, engineering and marketing. CSI is the most comprehensive security practice development program in the industry.

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Comstor EDGE: Networking will show you the simple way to keep up by utilizing Cisco — the world leader of IT. EDGE: Networking provides a roadmap to becoming a Select, Premier, and/or Gold Certified partner with Cisco. Certify your skill set to show customers that you can help them become networking leaders.

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Comstor EDGE: Collaboration is a Comstor collaboration program designed to help value-added resellers (VARs) build and grow a successful Cisco Collaboration practice. This robust program provides focused consulting, best practices, education training, tools and tactics for each reseller’s core business functions.

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Data Center

Comstor EDGE: Data Center turns data center complexities into opportunities. With the increasing diversity of applications, users, devices and an ever-expanding attack surface, data center may seem perplexing. We have developed a program to simplify data center and elevate your practice.

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Comstor EDGE: Meraki is a complete cloud-managed solution that reduces networking complexities. It simplifies powerful technology to free passionate people to focus on their mission. If you’re talking cloud, you should be talking Meraki.

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Managed Marketing

Comstor Managed Marketing is designed to give resellers the opportunity to work with a variety of different Marketing Agencies. Each partnership offers a slightly different level of marketing service ranging from low, medium and high touch engagement models. We aim to understand the reseller’s core business objectives and Cisco focus area(s) so we can pair the correct level of marketing service to meet their needs.