Infrastructure as a Service

At Westcon-Comstor Americas we understand the world is quickly turning to an “as a service” model where you pay for what you consume and scale for what you need.


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Cloud Security

The Westcon-Comstor Americas Security has grown faster than the market to become the number one global security distributor, developing a dedicated practice at scale.


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Cloud UCC

Our unique hybrid solution approach combines the physical products, add the digital cloud-based services and wraps it up with configuration, monitoring and management services to make everything work smoothly together.

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Westcon-Comstor Americas EDGE for Cloud

The Westcon-Comstor Americas EDGE for Cloud program was created exclusively to support you in developing, scaling and enhancing your cloud business. The program includes four phases and provides a roadmap, tools and resources needed to master this transformation.

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Cloud Financing

The Westcon-Comstor Americas Financial Services Team makes it easy for you to do business. In fact, we can substantially increase your ability to succeed and capitalize on global growth opportunities. When you partner with Westcon-Comstor Americas, you have an entire portfolio of financing solutions at your disposal.

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Velocity Program

Now you have one place where you can benefit from online learning tools and resources to grow your Cloud computing business. Offered through our Velocity Learning Portal, our online learning programs are self-serve, self-paced and available to all Westcon-Comstor Americas partners.

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