Why Become an Avaya Cloud Office Agent With TD SYNNEX Canada?

Why Avaya Cloud Office?

The way you communicate should be able to fit the way you work. With everything you need always handy on any device, in any location, Avaya Cloud Office lets you simplify the way your business communicates.

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Call, Chat, Meet, and Collaborate

No matter where your employees might be. Stay on task and on schedule with file sharing, task management, and virtual team rooms.

A Cloud Phone System That Works Where and How You Do

Communications that fit How You Work, Always Handy on Any Device, Any Location.

Bring Together 100+ Business Integrations

Integrations like Google Drive and Salesforce, to customize a true cloud unified communications experience.

What can Avaya Cloud Office do for your customers business?

Integrated Meetings Keep it Simple and Reduce Costs

With Avaya Cloud Office, there’s no need to pay for separate meeting services. Customers enjoy unlimited audio and video conferencing with up to 200 participants (video conferencing) or 1,000 participants (audio conferencing).

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An All-In-One Solution

With Avaya Cloud Office, one app does it all – Calling, Meetings, Messaging and More – easy to manage, easy to control, and easy to see at a glance.

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Integrations that Make Sense for the Way People Work

People rely on a variety of different tools to get their work done every day: desktop apps, workflow automation, and customer relationship management from such vendors as Google, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft. With Avaya Cloud Office, these apps integrate with communications, creating a seamless experience that eliminates the need to switch between applications.

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Secure, Reliable Communications

The Avaya Cloud Office’s platform ensures users receive the security, reliability and coverage they need to move their business forward. Enterprise-grade capabilities like multiple, globally distributed data centers, enterprise single sign-on, and flexible role and permissions for administrators ensure critical business communications remain secure and available.

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Analytics to Understand the Business

Avaya Cloud Office comes complete with an advanced call management system and analytics. Use the built-in reports or create custom dashboards with over 30 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). View such metrics as utilization, missed calls, time to answer, refused calls, meeting frequency, and system Quality of Service (QoS).

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